This term in room 3 we have been doing skipping to practice for the Skipathon. A Skipathon is a skipping marathon.Check out the video of Charlie practising. The Skipathon will be on Friday the fourth of September at the courts from 10:30 am to 12:30pm hang around for the shared lunch. Hope to see you all there.

I Survived The Jungle

Help ! I screamed as a weird creature comes to me. I try an run but fear locks me down. All I can do is cry, cry like a big baby. As I shrivelled to the ground and I realised that this might be my last seconds living.

My name is Gio I am a 14 year old boy from the U.S. Me and my family were on a holiday in South Africa. We were in a Safari trip in the jungle. I went out of the car to look at something. Then I got lost. I cried for help. Then I heard foot steps, loud ones. This moment might be my last seconds surviving.

I’m shivering, I hid behind a massive tree. Thank goodness he didn’t see me. At that moment I found out what was following me. It was some kind of yeti but in the jungle. Anyway, I lost interest in that real quickly because it was looking for animals not me. I started to for some supplies ( well water anyway).

So after 2 hours of walking ( and 10 minutes leaping over things ) I was admiring the canopies. Splash, I stumbled over a small stream of water. I felt a bit queasy after that fall. Hmm I thought to myself. Then I feel like I am dead. I woke up.

It was 6:30 and I was drained. It was good that I knew some survival skills. I think it is the time I should use them. I made arrows and a bow for hunting. After about 20 minutes of looking I found a couple of animals, Yes, epic! I thought to myself “OW” I shouted. There were two snakes that bit my leg. After that moment I shot them with arrows. Well dinner time I thought to myself.

After dinner ( which was snake and salad ) I heard a helicopter nearby and an old safari car from a safari trip. I walked back to the camp fire and threw the left over petrol from the car on it. There were smoke ” yes salvation ” I shouted. The chopper landed near me. Then I found someone familiar, it was mum and dad. We flew back to the city and hade no trouble for the rest of my life.

Plane Crash

Soaring through the clouds bang! Suddenly the engine blew up. I started twirling around and around. The engine hit the side.I got sucked out.I’m free falling. I was meant to be five hours away from England to train for the Royal Marines but I’m free falling with the sea getting closer and closer to me.My name is Chris ,I’m 21. I see a parachute falling about ten meters away.I dived for it yes! I’ve got it.I fling it over my back.I see an island near by so I pull the chute so I’m gliding slowly down to the island. I crash land in a tree but I climb up the tree and cut them as close to the chute as I can. I hit the ground hard,I forgot how high I was off the ground. I’m so hungry. I spot spot a banna tree not that far away. I pick up some stones and throw them at the bannas. I hit a bunch down and eat one, now time to build shelter.I ran back and pulled my parachute out of the tree and tied it high up in between two trees. With the rope from the parachute. I make a rope ladder with wood and rope. I walked on to the beach to look for survivors. I see a man clinging to a suitcase trying to get to shore. I yell out he waves back. I grab some rope and cast it to him,he catches it. I pull him to shore,he’s puffing I get him a banna. I tell him to go find fresh water and food while I make a fire to get ships to come at night to pick us up. I go for a walk. To get some drift wood for the fire and for a tent. I find a fishing net and a lot of drift wood. When I get back the man found a tarpoline and a lot of coconuts which are food and drinks. I go up to him and say hi,”can I have a coconut”? He gave me one. I cracked it open with a rock and drank the milk inside of it. All right,time to build a fire. I find some dry leaves and put them on top of the wood and start smashing two rocks together hard to try get a spark. I get a few,but then a big one lands right in the middle of the leaves and a flame starts. Yes! I run to get more leaves for the fire and food. All we need now is better shelter but our bed’s are good for tonight. This morning I tried boiled coconut milk,it is pretty good. Well that man I met went and got 20 coconuts. I have no idea how but he did. I got more fuel for the fire to make it smoke to signal ships to come rescue us. I put out my fishing net when I saw a ship! I call out to my friend “a ship quick wave your arms “. They turned to us we’re going to get saved! but they couldn’t get any closer. Quick swim I said. They’re lowering a ladder we climb up and now we’re saved.

Space Adventure

What is happening? Why is it not working? Boom! What is it? Boom! Was that underneath me ? Crash arrrrrrr!!

My name is Ian, I am 30 years old. I am an astronaut and I was going to the moon, and now I’m falling.

Suddenly I’m out of the rocket. I find myself looking at the rocket floating away into the distance. Then I heard a bang. A shockwave hits me. It blasted me to the moon. I wake up in the middle of an enormous crater. A noise is coming from below me then I fall in to a cave.

I woke up on my back. I looked around for an exit. I spotted a little cave going down more. I decided to go down. I crawled down more. It went sideways, then up. I thought to myself that this is great. It turned out I was wrong, it leads down.

I keep crawling down. Then I reached a large cave. I looked around to find a tunnel. The tunnel collapse on itself. Now I’m stuck in a cave. Then I find a little tunnel going up.

I started to crawl up, then rocks started to drop on me but I still went up. Then it gets smaller and smaller until I couldn’t go through. I searched for another exit. I found a hole just big enough for me. I started to crawl.

When I reached the top I thought I saw a meteor coming in my direction. I started to scream. Then a miracle happened, it started to go slower until it reached the ground. A man came out of the rocket and told me to hop in so he can take me home.

Days later we landed on earth. When I came out people were taking photos of me. I am known as the person that survived.

Bank Rupt

Suddenly there was an explosion. Everybody started screaming. Two men walked in with guns and masks on. The bank was being robbed.

My name is Kevin I’m 9 years old. Mum started a bank account up for me and I was transferring money. Now I find myself tied up to a chair with men with guns surrounding me.

Mum walked in to find me tied up to a chair. She snuck over trying to look as camouflaged as possible. Luckily the men were concentrating on the money. They were threatening for more and more money.

“Are you alright?” mum said untying the knot “yes” I mumbled in reply. More men started running in with guns there were about a dozen of them now. The men started threatening other people in the bank.

One of the men turned around to ask me for money. He saw mum and that my knot was untied. He turned around and yelled “he is escaping” one of the men shot mum in the leg and she fell on the ground screaming in pain. I ran back. The man who shot her was standing beside her. “Come with me or your dead”…

They secured my hands behind my back and put me into a car. We were heading towards a giant factory. When we were there they drove through a hole in the wall. There was lots of papers held together by a paper clip so I took the paper clip unknowingly. Now there were another eighteen men in the factory. A man put me into a cell. Luckily he didn’t have a gun.

I took the paper clip out of my pocket and looked around for any sign of men. “None” I said silently so I unlocked the cell and ran. After about 10 minutes I had ran 2 and a half kilometres, I was half way to the bank. When I got there Mum was surrounded by strangers. Somebody offered us a jaunt to the hospital and I accepted it. The doctor said mum would be safe. When we got home I bandaged it up “what an adventure” mum said laughing.

The Vacation

Should this plane be shaking? Suddenly the walls started to disappear bit by bit. I screamed in horror I was now falling .

My name is Maison I’m a 18 year old boy . I was just going to Paris for a holiday I won . But now I’m falling to my death.

I fell into the sea .I saw an island , it’s was only 100 meters away. I swam over to the island . I was walking around exploring the island. I kept walking, then I fell into a trap . Well I thought it was a trap but it turned out it’s actually a tunnel . I crawled down the tunnel and found a gold mine. “Wow there’s a big pile of gold” I said . I decided to stack it up in to a golden pyramid.i turned around and I found diamonds and cash . I thought this might be their secret stash . I climbed up the tunnel and searched some more. I found a city with shops and houses and everything. But then I went closer and it was just a mirage. Then I found out it was a village. I went and bought some food and water.

I then went back into the cave and some of my stuff was gone . I went down the cave deeper and deeper.then out of no where there was a family of people. I gave them some of my stuff. I took my brief cases and started packing my gold and diamonds and cash. Then I thought to myself, lucky I brought 5 of them . I went to build a house out of wood I started. But after a couple of hours I made myself some shelter. It was good for awhile until I got home sick .

It went away after a while. I went to get some more water so I could explore the rest of the island. I went and collected some wood to make some fire to lure planes. I made the fire. After 11 hours a plane found me , and took me (and my goodies) back home. I told everyone about my adventure. Hardly anybody believed me though, but the very few that did got a couple of diamonds.