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I Survived The Jungle

Help ! I screamed as a weird creature comes to me. I try an run but fear locks me down. All I can do is cry, cry like a big baby. As I shrivelled to the ground and I realised that this might be my last seconds living.

My name is Gio I am a 14 year old boy from the U.S. Me and my family were on a holiday in South Africa. We were in a Safari trip in the jungle. I went out of the car to look at something. Then I got lost. I cried for help. Then I heard foot steps, loud ones. This moment might be my last seconds surviving.

I’m shivering, I hid behind a massive tree. Thank goodness he didn’t see me. At that moment I found out what was following me. It was some kind of yeti but in the jungle. Anyway, I lost interest in that real quickly because it was looking for animals not me. I started to for some supplies ( well water anyway).

So after 2 hours of walking ( and 10 minutes leaping over things ) I was admiring the canopies. Splash, I stumbled over a small stream of water. I felt a bit queasy after that fall. Hmm I thought to myself. Then I feel like I am dead. I woke up.

It was 6:30 and I was drained. It was good that I knew some survival skills. I think it is the time I should use them. I made arrows and a bow for hunting. After about 20 minutes of looking I found a couple of animals, Yes, epic! I thought to myself “OW” I shouted. There were two snakes that bit my leg. After that moment I shot them with arrows. Well dinner time I thought to myself.

After dinner ( which was snake and salad ) I heard a helicopter nearby and an old safari car from a safari trip. I walked back to the camp fire and threw the left over petrol from the car on it. There were smoke ” yes salvation ” I shouted. The chopper landed near me. Then I found someone familiar, it was mum and dad. We flew back to the city and hade no trouble for the rest of my life.

Dynamo Sports Leaders

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What is a Dynamo sports leader?
A dynamo sport leader is someone who takes charge of some fun mini games for younger or older students. Also our job is to entertain younger students if needed .
How do we become a dynamo sports leader?
A dynamo sports leader needs to be a year 6. But there will be a audition if there is more than 18 people. So it’s pretty much you get in our get out. What you need to have for a dynamo sports leader is a loud voice, to be strong and really active.