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Cross Country

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Yesterday was our amazing cross country. The year six girls went first in the race , they had a 2 kilometre race. I didn’t do as well as I have in previous years. I came ninth normally I come fourth or third. My friend Grace did very well, she came fourth. I was so excited when I saw the number on her hand. I hung out with my friend Jade. All of my friends competed in the competitive race instead of the fun run. Check out the pics below for some cool visual aspects of the event.


Zoe ‘s Post on Friday, 6 March 2015

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Hi and welcome to room 3’s blog. Tune in to all our learning that we are willing to share with you. We hope that you will pay attention.
We will be very happy to show you all our work. You will make us all very very very happy if you commented on our hard work. Please enjoy our blog. Thanks, Kaeli and Zoe