Mini planting lesson

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Here we are learning how to correctly plant seedlings.  We learnt how to dig trenches, plant the seedlings so that they are level with the soil so as not to drown them.  We also learnt about spacing.  We will eat these veges as part of the sustainable cooking crew/seasonal eating.

Envirochamps 2015, you rock!



Welcome to enviroschools 2015

The year has started with a bang! We have a sustainable cooking  crew,  gardening, visits to our local garden centre, a composting competition, swap table and a collection of free clothes happening to bless our community at our school gala.  Enviroschools will be very obvious this year, it will include lots of children and families and it will become a part of what is ‘normal’.  Keep in touch with us here.

If you love the environment, want to be involved, have produce to donate, or want to comment, here is the blog to contribute your ideas.

Thanks all,

Hayley Anderson and the Enviro mums.

Enviro Champs (kids group) is to come.

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