2014 Duathlon Results

Congratulations to all Selwyn Ridge children on giving our duathlon a go and finishing their races. A special congratulations to the children who placed in the top 3 in their races. The results are as follows:
Year 6 Girls:
1st – Emily Pilbrow
2nd- Anaya Smith
3rd – Harriett Burton

Year 6 Boys
1st – Izaak Taula
2nd – Jacob Eberlein
3rd – Ryan Kaeding

Year 5 Girls
1st – Maddison Shanks
2nd – Monique Archer
3rd – Bree Haeata-Burrows

Year 5 Boys
1st – Ian Pugh
2nd – Jordan Lusher
3rd – Thomas Hulbert

Year 4 Girls
1st – Rosa Atkins
2nd – Mikayla Nogaj
3rd – Summer Peterson

Year 4 Boys
1st – Elliott Pugh
2nd – Dane Conn
3rd – Josh McLaughlan

Year 3 Girls
1st – Shaeli Brewer
2nd – Myah Ioane
3rd – Sophie McInnon

Year 3 Boys
1st – Benjamin Hulbert
2nd – Connor Evans
3rd – Dominic Corlett

Year 2 Girls
1st – Trelise Chote
2nd – Samantha Drury-Martin
3rd – India Keam

Year 2 Boys
1st – Nate Handley
2nd – Zack Ioane
3rd – Cameron Springall

Year 1 Girls
1st – Jade Lee-Kerkhof
2nd – Evie Carter
3rd – Eleanor Pugh

Year 1 Boys
1st – Daniel McLaughlan
2nd – Jesse Palariet
3rd – Daniel Bruton

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