2023 Term 4 summer sports registrations are now CLOSED.

The CUTOFF date for all registrations was on Tuesday 12 September at 12:00pm.

Once the registrations have closed then children will be organised into teams. If you would like to be involved in your childs sports team by way of coaching, managing, scoring or referring please fill out the required section on the registration. This will be appreciated for when Julie is organising the teams. Teams can not be registered with the associations unless we have your support.

If we have any spaces in teams then a post will be posted on the School Sports Facebook Page. 

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Term 4 Summer sports teams are in the process of being organised. Thank you so much to everyone who has offered to coach/manage a team.
Unfortunately we weren't able to fill volleyball teams this season.

The team lists and draws for flippa ball, basketball, Waipuna football and rippa/rip rugby will be posted in Week 1. They will also be displayed on the sports board in the hall.

Coaches/managers team information and gear bags will be given to their child in class to bring home before the season starts.

Term 4 Summer Sports Season Dates/Venue:

JT's Tennis Lessons - Welcome Bay Courts
Year 3/4
Tuesday 17 October - Tuesday 21 November - 6 weeks
Year 0/2
Wednesday 18 October - Wednesday 22 November - 6 weeks

JT's Focus on Fun Year 0/2 - School Field/Turf
Tuesday 17 October - Tuesday 17 November - 6 weeks

Waipuna Summer Football - Waipuna Park - 8 weeks
Wednesday 18 October - Wednesday 6 December - 8 weeks

Rippa/Rip Rugby Year 0/6 - Waipuna Park
Thursday 19 October - Thursday 7 December - 8 weeks

Basketball Year 0/6 - Mercury Arena Baypark

Monday 30 October - Monday 11 December


Summer sports we offer are:

Flippa Ball Year 3-6 - Tuesdays - Memorial Pools - $60

- 4pm - 7:30pm - 20min games 

Summer Waipuna Football - Year 0-6 - Wednesdays - Waipuna Park - $20

- 3:30pm - Year 0-2 - 30min games 

- 4:00pm or 4:45pm - Year 3-6 - 40min games 

Volleyball - Year 3-6 - Fridays - Mercury Arena or QEYC - $35

- 4:00pm - 7:30pm - 40min games 

Rippa/Rip Rugby - Year 0-6 - Thursdays - Waipuna Park - $20

- 4pm to 6pm - 30minute games 

JT's Focus on Fun - Year 0/2 - Tuesdays - School field or Turf - $35

- 2:45pm to 3:30pm - 6 weeks 

JT's Lunchtime Tennis Lessons - WB Tennis Courts - $35

- 12:15pm 12:45pm- 6 Weeks 

- Tuesdays Year 0/2

- Wednesdays - Year 3/4  

 Summer Basketball - Mecury Arena Baypark -

- Mondays 4pm - 6pm



CRICKET: If your child is interested in playing cricket then please contact Julie Taylor for the cricket club websites. 










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For more information and registration forms visit our school shop

Please fill out the online forms if you would like to be involved in your child’s sport.


Sports Uniform: Our school PE shirt, which is available for purchase for $40 from the school shop. school shorts and navy or black sports shorts are to be worn.

Information, photos from games and school sports events are on our school sports facebook page Selwyn Ridge Sports. or you can email Julie Taylor, our sports co-ordinator or phone during school hours on ph:027 6992741.

For information on community sports events and results, go to the Sport BOP website -

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