2017 Sports Assembly

Congratulations all our sports cup recipients for 2017 – We wish you all the best for your future in sports, continue to soar high.


Chess – Benjamin Hulbert

This person has displayed a true commitment towards the game. He is analytical and deploys strategy in every move he makes. He has been willing to share his knowledge with younger, less experienced players and this has been appreciated.

The winner for 2017 is….Benjamin Hulbert.

Swimming Girl – Shaeli Brewer

The winner of the girls swimming award this year swims like a fish. She glides gracefully through the water and is a wonderful role model off the water for all aspiring swimmers. She humbly accepts all her awards, and there are a lot of them!

The girls swimming award this year goes to Shaeli Brewer.

Swimming Boy – Caleb Piddington

The boys swimming award goes to someone who’s demonstrated extreme natural potential in the pool this year. He displays a great stroke and has mastered all disciplines in the pool.

The boys swimming award this year goes to Caleb Piddington

Athletic Girl – Shaeli Brewer

The award for the top athletics girl of 2017 goes to a person who performed consistently well at our annual school events. She is an all rounder on the track and in the field. She always competes fairly and encourages all those around her to give their best.

The award for the top athletics girl of 2017 goes to Shaeli Brewer.

Athletic Boy – Kadin Nogaj

This person is an extremely gifted natural athlete who possesses skills across a multitude of disciplines. This athlete demonstrates determination and focus and as a result of this he has achieved outstanding results. They represented at Sth Cluster and WBOP events and has recently been selected for the NZ Atheltics team.

A deserving winner of this years trophy – Congratulations to Kadin Nogaj

Cross Country Boy – Kadin Nogaj.

This person has all the attributes of a fine long distance athlete. This athlete has the ability to pace a race superbly, calling upon all of his sprinting prowess to finish races strongly. He powers around any course pushing his limits to achieve the best results.

The winner of the boys cross country award for 2017 is Kadin Nogaj.

Cross Country Girl – Jessica Pilbrow

Your dedication to improving your fitness and skills as a long distance runner were evident during all class sessions in the lead up to the cross country. You have a competitive nature and the ability to set a goal and work towards it. As result, you placed first in our school event and went on to do well at the cluster event.

The 2017 Girls Cross Country award goes to Jessica Pilbrow.

Sportsmanship Girl –  Emma Springall

The winner of the girls sportsmanship award truly deserves this honour. She has always been a pivotal member of any sports team she has been involved in, due to her wonderful attributes as a team player. Win or lose she accepts the result graciously with a big smile and a sincere congratulations. We are delighted to present the award for outstanding  sportmanship 2017 to Emma Springall

Sportsmanship Boy – Thomas McKenzie

This person is a talented sportsman who has been involved in a range of sporting codes over his time at Selwyn Ridge.  He is a committed team-player who is highly valued by peers and coaches alike.  He is to be admired for his quiet strength and determination to do his best, and for the gracious manner in which he treats opponents whether his team has won or lost. he is never self on the field and prefers to share the spot light rather than having it shine on him. A true gentleman, we are delighted to present the award for outstanding sportsmanship 2017 to Thomas McKenzie

Contribution to Sport – Benjamin Hulbert

You are a very confident and talented athlete on the track and field or in the pool. You’re passionate about all things sporting and have been heavily involved in a range of sporting codes this year and during your time at Selwyn Ridge. You have achieved excellent results in various sporting events in 2017. You set yourself high standards and work mercilessly towards achieving those goals. We thank you for your contribution to SRP and to the sporting world and look forward to seeing soar high in the future. Congratulations Benjamin Hulbert

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